DataSync (CHRIS21 to AD sync)

Most organisations store HR information in multiple systems, often leading to systems with data out of sync. The Connected Systems solution allows you to synchronise HR data from CHRIS21 to Active Directory.​​​

There is no simple ‘out of the box’ solution for keeping Active Directory records up to date with changes made in the CHRIS21 HR System.

DataSync solves this problem. Our solution:

  • Stores CHRIS21 and Active Directory users on a schedule,
  • Compares the CHRIS21 and Active Directory records and identifies anomalies,
  • Emails notifications, and reports on anomalies,
  • Updates Active Directory to match CHRIS21,
  • Logs actions taken and the outcomes can be sent as a scheduled report.​​​​​

CHRIS21-to-AD/Azure AD (DataSync)

Quality Document Centre (QDC)

Document lifecycle management can be a challenge for any organisation. Our system allows you to easily manage the entire lifecycle of a document.​

Document Management made easy – Easily import your documents for the best docum​ent management experience.

Priced for everyone – Flexible pricing models make it e​xtremely affordable to all SharePoint customers.

Easy to install – Our automated installer takes the pain away from implementing Document Management.

Support for unlimited document types – Manage document types like policies, manual, forms, procedures etc​.

Easily configurable – As a SharePoint application, Document Management is extensible.

Powerful search – We support easy to use category filtering, keyword refiner panels, an A-Z filter and keyword search, which makes finding documents a breeze.

Secure to use – Document publishing users can manage updates centrally through a robust approval process​.​

Quality Document Centre

Flexi-Time Management

For those workplaces where flexi-time is important (within many state government agencies), staff expected the management of their flexi-time to be accurate and easy to reference. They know exactly what is owed to them and whether the right hours have been banked.

Is managing staff flexi-time a pain point for your HR and payroll department? If the answer is yes, our system can help by supporting the nuances of Australian state government agency award conditions.​​

Some of the features we support include the following:

  • Weekly time recording (contracted hours) – with paperless weekly approvals
  • Start/End times, break times with running totals (configurable start day of the week).
  • Flexi-time with period roll-over
  • Flexi-banked hours
  • Many configurable leave types (supporting flexi time conditions)
  • Attribution lines for breakout of details
  • Running balances for real-time totals
  • Public holiday support
  • User dashboard
  • Manager dashboard for team management and approvals

Click on the link to review the WA State Government Agency case study.

Flexi-Time Management

QuickPart Fixer

If your documents contain quickparts, it’s probable that during the migration process, the metadata link to SharePoint is broken.

Reporting tool

Using our reporting tool, scan your SharePoint Online site for broken Microsoft Office documents.   The reporting tool is 100% free! No registration process and no obligation!
Scan your Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.
Find any broken quick parts and invalid managed metadata values.
Scan an entire site collection, a single subsite or a list or specific files.
Once complete, the scan results are displayed on screen and in a CSV report.
Run in “silent” mode. No user interaction required and all values are passed in as command line switches.
Easy to integrate with an existing incremental migration process. Simply use a migration tool or PowerShell scripts.

Document data is safe as fixer runs on local PC.
Repair the broken metadata of your Office documents hosted in SharePoint Online.
Repair broken quick parts and invalid managed metadata values.
Saves time – no fixing documents one at a time by hand.

QuickPart Reporting and Fixer