Table of Content Web Part

Add a table of contents to your modern page to enable easy navigation.

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Accordion Heading Web Part

Add accordion headings to easily manage and style your headings in a SharePoint modern page.

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Calendar Web Part

Enhance the out-of-the-box experience of viewing and managing events in SharePoint.

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Source Code Web Part

Add code to your modern page inline using the same editor as Visual Studio Code.

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Migration Specialists (Teams and SharePoint)

The task of content migration seems like a simple one from a high-level. However, there can be many issues that cause these activities to become extended by the unintended consequences of moving content (documents and associated metadata).    The issues differ when the source location is a file share versus an on-premises legacy SharePoint version.

Please refer to our article for details on migration issues and how they are addressed.

Modern Web Parts and Feature remediation

Moving to the cloud can be daunting, especially when previous solutions are not compatible.  Software Engineering is part of our DNA at Connected. We are the parent company to a product company called Qualitem (located in our offices) that builds SharePoint Online and Office 365 products to go to market. These products are available through the Office Store and have been available since 2015.

We know SharePoint Online and Office 365!   Some of our web part are listed above and some of our Office apps are available through the Microsoft Store:

It is no accident that we have been successful at software engineering and you can rest assured that our development practices, support and remediation of issues is of the highest quality on the Microsoft 365 platforms.