Barminco is one of the world’s largest hard rock underground mining services companies, with operations in Australia, Africa and North America. They are renowned for being global leaders in high-speed development and mining production.
Barminco needed to decommission their Information Management System or IMS (based on an on-premises SharePoint legacy infrastructure). The system manages their quality documents and is managed by a small team of document controllers who are responsible for approximately 1500 source documents.
Connected Systems delivered the project on time and on budget; the two main deliverables included:

  1. A custom SPFx webpart – this is the dashboard component to the IMS document repository. It was a full page webpart and supported the same user interface as the legacy solution. This meant there was minimal impact to the user when shifting to the new solution as the same functionality was migrated across to the new SharePoint Online solution.
  2. Content migration of approximately 1500 document from their on-premises SharePoint 2010 environment to SharePoint Online. The new environment was part of their new parent company, Perenti Group.