Controlled Documents for SharePoint

Document lifecycle management can be a challenge for any organisation. The Connected Systems Controlled Document Management System for SharePoint® allows you to easily manage the entire lifecycle of a document.​


​​​Document Management made easy

Document Management made easy!

Easily import your documents for the best docum​ent management experience.

Priced for everyone

Priced for everyone​​​

Flexible pricing models make it e​xtremely affordable to all SharePoint customers.

Easy to install

Easy to install

Our automated installer takes the pain away from implementing Document Management.

Support for other document types

Support for unlimited document types

Manage document types like policies, manual, forms, procedures etc​.

Easily configurable

Easily configurable

As a SharePoint application, Document Management is extensible.

Powerful search

Powerful search

We support easy to use category filtering, keyword refiner panels, an A-Z filter and keyword search, which makes finding documents a breeze.

Secure to use

Secure to use

Document publishing users can manage updates centrally through a robust approval process​.​


  • Cen​tralised publishing of documents (as PDF) within SharePoint (including metadata).
  • Centralised or devolved management of source documents (as DOCX) within the same SharePoint environment.
  • Document versioning.
  • Check-in/out.
  • Document publishing with approval workflow and email.
  • Document numbering (configurable field control) to support a range of naming conventions for corporate files.
  • Document notifications to set review dates and review tasks.
  • Document templates to support corporate standardisation.
  • Support for document archiving.
  • Easy to use search of documents with categories and refiners.
  • Document preview support for customers using Office Web Access.
  • Document auditing.
  • Co-​​authoring and collaboration of documents.
  • Administrative Dashboards provide consolidated view across all libraries.
  • Provides information regarding the workflow status of documents.
  • Notifies user when documents are coming up for review.


Connected Systems Document Management Dashboard​​​​

The Connected Systems Controlled Document Management System​ for SharePoint dashboard provides an overarching view of all current published documents. With a dashboard users can quickly filter, find and view documents in an easy and convenient manner.

Additional dashboard benefits are:

  • Quick category filters,
  • Multiple refinement panels,
  • View of latest published documents,
  • An easy A-Z filter, based on document titles,
  • Ability to expand and collapse all grouped documentation,
  • View recently added documents.


Connected Systems Document Management Search​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Connected Systems Controlled Document Management System for SharePoint search provides an easy way to locate documents, with complex filtering and search by keywords.

Additional search benefits are:

  • Search within document contents,
  • Security trimmed search results,
  • Targeted search results,
  • Exposed document properties and versions,
  • Preview view of documents.​​​​​​​​