Most companies today have organically grown their Knowledge Systems based on a best-of-breed approach. This is a sound approach when looking to meet specific business needs in isolation; however, this does not generally facilitate an easy path for integration of knowledge systems. Best-of-breed has a tendency to “stove pipe” knowledge and information.

The success of these systems is measured by staff adoption and use. It is not sufficient to simply install the system and hope staff will use them; active participation is required by staff to gain the benefits for the organisation.

For example, staff must save all key files into the document/records management system, decentralised authors must use the content management system to regularly update the intranet, and front-line staff must capture all important details in the customer relationship management system. In all cases, the challenge is to gain sufficient adoption to ensure that required knowledge is captured in the system. Without full adoption, corporate repositories will not contain enough knowledge to be deemed useful.

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know! Aligning technology solutions to business needs takes a unique set of skills. Gathering requirements from stakeholders is a difficult task and mapping these requirements to technology solutions requires experience and a good working knowledge of customer technology platforms.

Connected Systems specialises in helping organisations improve business productivity and efficiency using Microsoft Technology  we call this creating a congruent and relevant “Knowledge Architecture Strategy”.

Connected Systems’ Advisory Services help customers understand how to make their knowledge systems easier to use, to give their users a feeling that “something is in it for them” and to present a seamless experience across all knowledge systems in the “Knowledge Architecture Strategy”.

Our advisory service can help customers build high performance workplaces to help improve the delivery of:

  • Knowledge architectures
  • Web workspaces
  • Activity based workplaces
  • Relevant workloads to support collaboration, internally and externally
  • Seamless Search across your organisation

At Connected Systems, we work closely with the customers to advise on solutions that are aligned to business objectives and meet the customers future strategic technology directions.​​

Download our advisory capability statement ​​

ICT Strategy Planning

Connected Systems has extensive experience in the delivery of ICT Strategy Planning and Design Services. We have delivered unique, valuable, and sustainable ICT strategies and designs covering enterprise architecture, application integration and document management strategies for many organisations.

Connected Systems' ICT Strategy Planning Services include:

  • ICT Strategy Planning Services;
  • Business Case Development;
  • Integration Strategy Planning & Design;
  • Application Architecture Planning, and;
  • eBusiness and Web Planning.

Our framework for delivering ICT Strategy Planning Services is summarised into the following phases:

  1. Discovery
  2. Strategy Development
  3. Action Plans
  4. Implement
  5. Sustain

Project Management

Projects often fail to plan, they don’t plan to fail and it is the project management role that is critical to the success of the project. From day-to-day project management right through to technical delivery, Connected Systems’ Project Managers take responsibility for the customer's engagement. This involves managing the project schedules, status reports, budgets, issues, risks, and all project documentation and deliverables.

Our Project Managers prioritise tasks to drive results through effective facilitation and collaboration of efforts and timely completion of tasks in an environment of competing priorities and resources while using standard project management methodologies.

All our Project Managers are PRINCE2 certified practitioners.

Business Analysis

Connected Systems has extensive experience in the provision of Business Analyst services required to examine the nature and form of business processes and assist in designing solutions that improve client service offerings. We have experienced consultants with an in depth knowledge of systems requirements analysis, feasibility studies and estimating; we produce excellent documentation suitable for all stakeholders.

Our BAs have extensive experience in:

  • Gathering and documenting business requirements for new features;
  • Business Process and UML Modelling;
  • Facilitation skills; through workshops;
  • Report writing and documentation;
  • Determining the impact of a change on existing business processes;
  • Developing testing strategies and plans for final system testing; and
  • OO Design and Analysis standards.

SharePoint Advisory

The world (both businesses and people) is moving to a more collaborative approach to interacting. Email was the start; however email is not the complete picture. Real-time collaboration and document collaboration is driving much of the change, and the need for business to start planning for and embracing these technologies that support these changes is now.

Most customers have a requirement to work across department boundaries, sharing information securely (document management as the focus initially) and in a timely manner. Information process flow improvements are needed to minimise the “manual” nature of how document-based information is collaborated on across departments and within the broader group. With the rise in volume of available information across our customers and the increasing number of virtual teams, there is a need to identify and share important content as well as to connect to the right people at the right time.

At Connected Systems, we help our customers realise their vision for collaboration using SharePoint. SharePoint Advisory is a journey, not a destination and at Connected Systems we help our clients understand which SharePoint journey they need to take first and why.

Whether it is Enterprise Content Management, Search, Business Intelligence, Social Computing, Connected Systems has a mature and well documented process-bound approach that outlines the end-to-end process for SharePoint projects. Our framework for delivering SharePoint Services is summarised into the following phases.

  1. Discovery
  2. Strategy Development
  3. Action Plans
  4. Implement
  5. Sustain​