SharePoint 2010 End of Mainstream support

​​​​​With SharePoint 2010 end of main stream support on the 13/10/2015, now is the time to start to plan your migration to either SharePoint 2013/16 or Office 365.

When planning a migration there are many questions to consider, some of these are;

  • How much content needs to be migrated?
  • How much downtime is acceptable?
  • How many customisations are currently in use?
  • Can you migrate in an iterative/phased approach, or must it be a one-time, “big bang” migration?
  • Can you engage other members to assist in the migration process and arrange for proper training?
  • What are the minimal requirements for this migration?
  • Can non-SharePoint related assets be properly mapped into SharePoint?
  • Is loss of metadata and security settings acceptable?

Connected Systems can work alongside with you and your team to develop a road map that is right for your business.​​​​​​

SharePoint 2013/2016 and Office 365


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