Customer profile:

P&N Bank is Western Australia’s largest home-grown and locally owned bank, providing a range of quality banking and financial services to the community for over 30 years. Born in Western Australia in 1990 as Police & Nurses Credit Society (PNCS), PNCS originated from the merger of the Police Credit Society of Western Australia Ltd and Western Australia Nurses Credit Society Ltd.

In late 2012, Police & Nurses Credit Society members voted to make PNCS a bank and renamed Police & Nurses Credit Society to P&N Bank. P&N Bank remains a member owned bank, which allows P&N Bank to offer products and services with fairer fees and competitive rates tailored to their members' needs. P&N Bank profits go straight back into benefiting its members.


SharePoint 2007 was adopted as the Intranet and collaboration platform. P&N Bank centralised its policy and procedure information with the aim of being able to address the right content to the right people and having content owners responsible for keeping their content up-to-date.

P&N Bank decided to upgrade to SharePoint 2010 to provide a new, centralised and highly regulated Policies and Procedures repository; SharePoint 2010 was the platform chosen to build this solution and the existing SharePoint 2007 intranet was migrated to 2010.


P&N Bank chose Connected Systems for the implementation of SharePoint 2010 as their new intranet facility, called ‘The Vault’, which allowed users from different locations and departments to share relevant content to selected recipients. During this phase of the project, Connected Systems deployed, configured and branded both an intranet, search and document management solution.


  • Modern, fast and easy to use Intranet
  • Provides instant documents and information sharing
  • Targets all or selected users
  • Enables departments to add and edit content
  • Fosters improved communications and interactions

“At P&N Bank, we attach a great value to the efficiency of our communication, policy and procedures processes. As a member owned bank, we need to demonstrate our effectiveness internally to build and maintain trust externally. Connected Systems helped us to achieve a top class level of collaboration.”

– Kris Bird

Manager IT Infrastructure, P&N Bank

The Situation

The challenges of growth by mergers and acquisitions:

Given P&N Bank’s history of growth by mergers and acquisitions, the bank found itself supporting different procedures, policies and document processes from each of the merged credit societies; this was difficult to manage given the limited information technology solutions of the 90’s.

The challenges of bringing together sometimes differing policy and procedure documents over the years of acquisitions created a critical need to work as one cohesive organisation with a single source of truth – the business case for the first collaboration platform was created and this solution was based on an open source Content Management System called Collage.

Early collaboration platform:

In late 2007, the business needs for collaboration increased beyond the capability of the incumbent Content Management System. At the time, P&N Bank’s intranet and collaboration platform was an open source CMS (Collage); this was difficult to update and had no commercial support.

The need to service the growing member base and the maturing of bank policies, procedures and products, meant P&N Bank needed to be more agile and possess a larger scale Content Management System. SharePoint 2007 was trialled and implemented to replace Collage. Both solutions co-existed for some time with Collage phased out over a period of 6 months.

A new collaboration platform:

In addition to securing and managing their Policy and Procedure documents, it was recognised that re-architecting the intranet Information Architecture (IA) was required. Connected Systems were engaged to deliver a new IA on SharePoint 2010. This would see the intranet move to more of a “Task” orientated IA, where information was ordered and categorised by task and business function; company structure was no longer the focus of how things were stored or navigated. This paradigm shift in thinking about information, meant information like forms, policies, procedures and FAQs were flattened and available as “resource” regardless of where they belong within the business.

P&N Bank trusted Connected Systems to deliver a fit for purpose SharePoint 2010 solution that could help P&N Bank face its new and growing knowledge management challenges.

“We had a taste of SharePoint before, and it quickly became essential for P&N Bank. When SharePoint 2010 came out, we wanted to take advantage of the new product.”

The Solution

Connected Systems wanted to provide a smooth transition from the existing systems into the SharePoint 2010 based platform called The Vault. Connected Systems made access to important documents, policies, procedures and other corporate information easier using The Vault.

In this regard, Connected Systems went through a thorough analysis of each department and engaged with the users in a business language they could understand in order to comprehend the challenges, define the requirements and provide the most effective and personalised solution. Together with an internal project manager, Connected Systems designed, developed and implemented the SharePoint 2010 platform.

“We’ve had a long time relationship with Connected Systems, and they always made the grade. They come with the ability to truly engage with our staff in order to understand what is expected and needed, in a language our employees could understand.”


Since The Vault was implemented in 2011, P&N Bank's information and documentation management system has drastically improved.

The Vault allows users to share and access company documents remotely, instantly, and around the clock. It allows P&N Bank to regulate the information that is given to the employees and stakeholders. SharePoint also enables users to manage their own accounts, emails, documents and calendars; it assists users following up their regular activities.

The Vault allows us to manage members' interactions more efficiently. In banking, it is particularly important to keep clean records on accounts, procedures and policies. It really simplified the processes that were sometimes heavy, stiff and afflictive. SharePoint 2010 clearly prevails against the 2007 version, and has become indispensable to our business units.”

Aside from document management, The Vault also assists P&N Bank in informing employees more efficiently, through one-click tabs leading to essential information, marketing updates, HR templates, forms and news articles. As The Vault is now established as the unique intranet website, users are now sparing themselves hours of evaluating, clarifying, sending and following up each member’s case individually.

“It really simplified the processes that were sometimes heavy, stiff and afflictive. SharePoint 2010 clearly prevails against the 2007 version, and has become indispensable to our business units.”

Partnering with Connected Systems

This is what P&N Bank has said about partnering with Connected Systems for the delivery of both their SharePoint 2007 Intranet and their SharePoint 2010 collaboration and document management solution called “The Vault”:

“Thanks to Connected Systems’ collaborative approach with our project manager and staff, we were able to shape The Vault into a conducive everyday business tool. Connected Systems’ team executed the project accurately, in respect of deadlines and budget.

Their devotion for accomplishment and task completion forges Connected Systems’ corporate identity. I truly acknowledge the individual approach and relationship I have with Connected Systems; they have always been our sole partner and preferred vendor, and we will gladly pursue our commitment to them for our future projects.”

– Kris Bird

Manager IT Infrastructure, P&N Bank