P&N BANK ​online forms Case study Overview

Customer profile:

P&N Bank is Western Australia’s largest home-grown and locally owned bank, providing a range of quality banking and financial services to the community for over 30 years. P&N Bank was born in Western Australia in 1990 as Police & Nurses Credit Society, which originated from the merger of the Police Credit Society of Western Australia Ltd and Western Australia Nurses Credit Society Ltd.

In 2012, members voted to make PNCS a bank and rename Police & Nurses Credit Society to P&N Bank. P&N Bank remains a member owned bank, which allows them to offer products and services with fairer fees and competitive rates tailored to their members’ needs. P&N Bank profits go straight back into benefiting its members.


In 2013, P&N Bank launched their new website. Once live, P&N Bank decided to incorporate smarter online enquiries into their website in order to improve customer service by offering their members a larger choice of contact options. Prior to engaging Connected Systems, all P&N Bank customer enquiries via their website were done using a generic email request. This method of capturing specific customer enquiries was seen to be time and cost inefficient for P&N Bank’s Contact Centre.


To address the issue of improving the member enquiry experience from the new website, P&N Bank selected Connected Systems to design, develop and implement 9 online enquiry forms. It became apparent during the delivery of the 9 forms that an additional 9 forms could be delivered and the scope was increased after a few weeks onsite; P&N Bank and Connected Systems agreed to build an additional 9 online forms which doubled the project from 9 to 18 forms.


  • User friendly
  • High security level
  • Mobile friendly
  • Customer information easily stored, accessed and archived

“Thanks to Connected Systems’ great work in the developing of our online enquiry forms, we are now able to provide our members a fast and secure contact mode, available anywhere, anytime. The new online forms allow us to provide a better user experience to our members while providing efficiencies in the back office with streamlined information delivery.”

– Shelley Campbell

Manager Digital Strategy – P&N Bank

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The Situation

The shift to online services:

With the roll out of their new website in 2013, P&N Bank planned to incorporate new online enquiry forms into their website to provide customers with an easier form of contact and a better user experience. These forms were due to be developed by internal resources but it was discovered that the skillset did not exist in house.

P&N Bank’s internal technology team thus integrated email links directly into the web pages, which led members to write emails explaining their enquiries directly to the Contact Centre, via a general company e-mail address.

The need for online enquiry forms:

The manual email method was obviously not ideal as customers phrased their demands themselves, often on a product they had scarce knowledge of, which took longer for the customers who couldn’t always specify their needs, and was less efficient for the Contact Centre dealing with these unclear enquiries as they needed to sort and queue the to the relevant departments. P&N Bank needed structured forms including closed or multiple choice questions to facilitate categorising and help guiding the customers though their request.

P&N Bank understands the need of their members to access their bank’s website and forms anywhere, anytime. The former email enquiries were not designed to be accessed from mobile devices in a user friendly manner, as the readability depended on the device itself. P&N Bank wanted to improve this in order to provide an advanced user experience.

P&N Bank had previously partnered with Connected Systems for the implementation of their SharePoint 2010 platform, which granted Connected Systems a deep knowledge of P&N Bank’s structure and security policies allowing Connected Systems to present a tailor made online forms development plan.

“In terms of time and cost efficiency for our Contact Centre, and of online user experience for our members, we were definitely not up to par.”

The Solution

P&N Bank originally scoped 9 online forms to improve their online presence and customer service. As Connected Systems worked so efficiently, they were able to deliver 18 forms in total in the required time frame.

For each of the 18 forms, Connected Systems strongly collaborated with P&N Bank to deliver a fit-for-purpose solution.

The “Request an appointment” form was one of the original 9 forms P&N Bank had planned to develop as it would bring ‘hot leads’ directly into branches. The enquiry is directly sent to the preferred branch, the branches’ employees can prepare for the customer meeting in advance, and managers can more easily plan staff schedules according to the demand.

Connected Systems also developed enquiry forms for all major services of P&N Bank including home loans, personal loans, savings accounts, credit cards, insurance and financial planning.

“We had good communication with the Connected Systems team, and thanks to the way they approached the challenge, it accelerated the development of 9 extra forms to double the project delivery from 9 to 18 forms.”


Connected Systems’ priority was to make the forms functional, secure, complete, easy to use and easily managed by the Contact Centre whether they are transferred, edited, queued or archived.

The forms not only assist the Contact Centre to better handle the incoming enquiries, but also enabled the receiving end – the relevant department - to manage the requests more efficiently, and in a timely manner.

“The forms have a real end to end functionality: they are user friendly, can be used on multiple devices, get delivered and stored in the right places, and meet our crucial security requirements.”

Partnering with Connected Systems

This is what P&N Bank has said about partnering with Connected Systems for the delivery of their 18 online forms:

“We had Connected Systems’ team in our offices for over four months, and they were all great. We love them and we want to keep them!

The fact that they had worked with us before made it easy for us to hand them a new project: their understanding of our complex security requirements and their interpretation of what we needed was a real strength.

Thanks to a great collaboration and lots of ideas, all of our requirements were met beyond our expectations.”

– Shelley Campbell

Manager Digital Strategy – P&N Bank