Accelerate and Simplify Your Modernisation Projects
M​​​​​​​ost SharePoint® users have been investing in their corporate content for years, creating significant content sites with many Classic format pages.  Experience shows it can take at least 2 hours per page to convert a Classic layout to Modern, using the usual ‘cut and paste’ approach.
However, using Modernizer for SharePoint can reduce the migration time per pa​​ge by up to 80% - often higher when the bulk page migration process is implemented.  This shifts what is a significant costly project to a simplified ‘business as usual’ approach, that can be completed by non-specialist staff.
SharePoint users will be able to access your existing content in rich, web-based format, anywhere on any device before you know it.

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11 Reasons You Need Modernizer​

​​​Integrated with SharePoint Online

Integrated with SharePoint Online

Modernizer installs in to your SharePoint Online tenancy for a seamless modernization experience.

Page layout support for Publishing, Wiki and Web part pages

Page layout support for Publishing, Wiki and Web part pages

Mirrors the classic page layout in to a modern page layout to support similar layouts.

Single or multi-pages at a time

Single or multi-pages at a time

Page-by-page or bulk migration is supported by selecting pages to modernize.

Validation and notifications

Validation and notifications

To help guide you through the step-by-step, we validate and notify you of areas to look out for during the modernization process.

Automates Classic to Modern content

Automates Classic to Modern content​​​

Converts supported web parts to modern web parts simply and easily. Converts embedded web parts when inserted in to content areas of a classic page.

Enhanced remediation of web parts

Enhanced remediation of web parts​​

Easier remediation of web parts using “remediation information” placeholder web parts.

Best practise modern page creation

Best practise modern page creation

Text, images, videos and list views are converted in to separate modern web parts.​​

Easy installation

Easy installation

Via with pre-requisites to ensure, the install works first time!​​

Report-only option

Report-only option​​​

Run a report in inspect-only mode to generate a detailed report outlining the level of success and all remediation steps.

Title banner support options

Title banner support options​​

New banner styles and title options are supported for single or bulk page modernizations.

Metadata migration

Metadata migration

Metadata field names that match between source and destination libraries will be migrated automatically​​​​​​